Battlefield 2042 Review

Battlefield 2042 Review

Battlefield 2042 Review: A next-generation battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 Review: War with Problems

Battlefield 2042 was to be the successor to the great fourth part. At present, however, one cannot agree with these predictions from before the premiere. We have received a solid foundation. This is a shooter with great potential that came out too early. This year’s Battlefield can be a lot of fun. When we glide over the wreckage of a huge ship and mow down enemies with helicopter cannons, dodging missiles, or when we and our companions storm enemy positions in a combat vehicle, clearing the entire area of ​​enemies and taking over a control point. Or by jumping off the roof of a skyscraper, gliding on a wingsuit, and landing on a fancy monument that cannot be reached otherwise – to become an annoying (for opponents) sniper in the “Where the hell is he sitting!” Category.

As announced, the entire 2042 consists of three types of gameplay. The first is the most classic – All Out Warfare. It includes Conquest and Breakthrough modes and offers battle chaos typical of the cycle, but so positive. The first match on an unknown map is about learning and feeling a bit overwhelmed, but later, when we already know the terrain, the gameplay becomes enjoyable and we set ourselves specific goals or paths to areas that should be taken over.

Battlefield 2042 Review

There have been some slight changes to Conquest, but it doesn’t make a big difference to the style of play. We take over some areas this time by appropriating two or three “sub-points” – for example, E1 and E2 in our hands will make the team gain control over the entire E sector. The maps are larger than we remember from previous editions, which sometimes bothers us when we play as infantry, the more that at the start of each round we are forced to respawn immediately. There are never enough vehicles for everyone, so some people just have to run.

Breakthrough is already based on attack and defense. One team must stop the advance of the other. They are also large-scale battles, but a bit more focused on a specific area. Unfortunately, there are no classic modes with a smaller number of players, such as Domination. A team deathmatch is theoretically available if someone – or ourselves – creates it in the Portal editor.

While Battlefield 2042 Review we see that the most important thing is that shooting is fun – be it headshots with a sniper rifle or taking out enemies with a quick series of SMGs. Also, the use of vehicles, especially with other players, allows you to feel a lot of satisfaction from the joyful destruction, unless, of course, we overpay. Now anyone can equip all gadgets – including a rocket launcher. Drivers and pilots must be careful.

It was not without news. During the match, we can now “on the run” exchange attachments and accessories for weapons (which we unlock more and more as we gain experience), which is a great idea. It is a pity, however, that, on the other hand, traditional customization from the menu level is overcomplicated and unintuitive. It just requires too much clicking. Honestly, I missed the simple, drop-down list of Battlefield 4 weapons and accessories.

On Battlefield 2042 Review we have noticed another new feature is the ability to summon certain vehicles, even tanks, anywhere on the map. This makes sense if we consider the size of the locations in the largest 128 player modes on PC and next-gen consoles. Sometimes it just takes too long to drive from the main base to your destination – that’s when the drop-off option comes in handy.

Also on Battlefield 2042 Review, As for weapons, it must be admitted that in Battlefield 2042 there are surprisingly few of them. Just two LMGs, three sniper rifles, four assault rifles… This is disappointing. The fact is that in the Portal mode we also have some weapons from older installments of the cycle, which does not change the fact that in Conquest or Breakthrough the choice is simply very modest. The arsenal will of course be expanded as part of free updates, but the choice of weapons for the premiere is very limited.

Battlefield 2042 Review

The second of the three pillars of Battlefield 2042 is the Hazard Zone. The mode is interesting in terms of assumptions, but the performance leaves something to be desired. It is a competition on a smaller scale and a nice escape from the chaos of big battles. A team of four must work together properly to be successful, to capture data disks and then extract them in a specific zone.

We start with a special gadget that guides the disks, and in some areas, they are defended by soldiers controlled by artificial intelligence – quite accurate, you have to admit. In this mode, selecting a Specialist is very important, because there is no traditional respawn – unless the surviving team activates a special transmitter that will allow the defeated to return to the match.

Such fun can be engaging. The economy of the Hazard Zone, however, is poorly thought out. The better we are at, the more currency we earn. We collect it on our account to buy weapons, gadgets, and tactical accessories in the next matches. The problem, however, is that if we are not doing well, we have an empty account all the time and we rely on basic equipment. The only free rifle doesn’t even have a sight, which doesn’t do well in mid-to-long range fights. Losses – and the awareness of a lack of earnings – are demotivating. If you don’t have three shooting friends together, this isn’t the mode for you.

Battlefield 2042 Review

On Battlefield 2042 Review we also noticed that specialists are one of the biggest novelties in the game. We get ten characters for the premiere, each with a unique skill and a unique gadget. The servers show a variety – it is not that one Specialist predominates. Each has a slightly different use. I liked Sundance myself because the wingsuit allows it to satisfactorily circles around enemy positions and land behind their backs. However, there is also a character with a watchtower, a soldier with a rope with a grappling hook, or a Paik who can see enemies for a moment through walls.

Regardless of the chosen Specialist, we can equip any weapon and gadget. As a result, the division into typical classes has practically disappeared. In theory, it may seem a bit strange, and – perhaps – more players will now create typical offensive builds, but in practice, if someone wants to play a medic, all you need to do is select the right items and characters to play this role.

The last, most unique, and a special type of gameplay experience in Battlefield 2042 is Portal. We can play in it, for example, matches of the classic Conquest on the maps from Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield or, or – what is exciting – rounds of Assault from Bad Company 2. The editor allows you to create any type of server – both with serious rules and completely absurd, in the style of a chaotic rocket launcher battle.

Battlefield 2042 Review

It’s nice to see new versions of locations from the original Battlefield or return to maps from previous versions – even if at the moment we only get two areas from each of the above-mentioned parts. What’s more, when we play soldiers from – for example – Battlefield 3, the Specialist system disappears and we play the role of ordinary soldiers from the traditional system of division into classes.

The portal has a lot of potentials, but players most often create matches with fairly classic gameplay. This is not a bad thing, because only in this mode can we find Conquest for 64 players or Team Deathmatch, which was missing from the basic module 2042. We can’t wait for a bit more creative community creations, because the editor is so extensive that talented fans will surely be able to create something unique.

Moreover on Battlefield 2042 Review, Moving on to technical issues – this year’s edition of the series is more underdeveloped for the premiere than the fifth part of Battlefield 1. I will only mention what happened to me in one Conquest match – after the update prepared for the premiere. I was killed by an enemy who was “sticking out” through the wall. I couldn’t revive my companion because he fell on the stairs. I died when I was behind the big boulder, but enemy missiles hit me anyway – a lag issue, but not related to my internet connection. I also successfully landed the helicopter inside the building, flying through the ceiling as if it wasn’t there.

Battlefield 2042 Review

There are also other problems. A tank collapsing beneath the map, hit registration sometimes not working well, the bizarre bullet dispersion of some weapons, which the developers – as confirmed on Twitter a few days ago – are already watching. Battlefield 2042 was released just too early. It’s a pity because the shortcomings distract us from the great moments that this shooter can provide.

We also hope that the developers will refine the aspect of weapon sounds and footsteps. Gunshots sound a little less satisfying than in the previous parts, and the sounds of enemies moving are often more confusing than helpful, as an enemy far away sometimes “sounds” as if he is running behind the wall we are next to.

Battlefield 2042 is a decent shooter that should debut later. The chaos of big battles is satisfying, as long as we don’t experience annoying bugs or glitches. Some basic assumptions – such as forcing everyone to enter the map immediately after the match starts – also need to be improved. Developers from DICE will have their hands full in the coming months.


  • A pleasant shooting model
  • Impressive maps
  • Great Portal mode


  • Too many bugs and glitches
  • A few ill-considered solutions
  • Imperfect sound

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