Far Cry 6 Review

Far Cry 6 Review

Far Cry 6 Review: A surprisingly successful installment of the series.

Far Cry 6 Review: The Best Far Cry Ever?

Ubisoft proves that the subject of revolution and the sensational, action-packed envelope is a strong combination, offering an interesting experience. Far Cry 6 defends itself as an interesting, and most importantly – fresh and original title.

The action takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, ruled by the cruel dictator Anton Castillo – a ruthless tyrant who eliminates any form of civil opposition. As Dani Rojas, we join the resistance movement in the form of the Libertad faction. We are gradually taking over the country and trying to overthrow the ruling fascist.

On Far Cry 6 Review, The story doesn’t feel particularly original, but it gains a lot from the new narrative form. Far Cry 6 is much more cinematic than the previous parts. Regularly, after missions, we watch cutscenes, we get to know not only the surroundings of the main character and his companions but also the story from the perspective of Anton Castillo, who trains his son Diego during the game on the principles of being a “worthy leader of the nation”.

Now the main character – or the heroine, if we choose her – has her voice and also appears in cutscenes. This is a novelty in the narrative method in this series, and it works to the advantage. The silent heroes always contrasted poorly with the charismatic antagonists. The whole thing is emphasized by the change of camera in the rebel camps when we watch Dani from behind our backs.

Far Cry 6 is not a game that will fall in love with you from the very first minutes. The entire prologue, taking place on a smaller island that serves as an introduction to the game mechanics, seems absurd, frivolous, and naively stupid. Already in the second mission, a trained alligator joins us, and a few moments later the mad rebel introduces us to Supremo, i.e. special guerrilla weapons such as a mortar backpack or a harpoon thrower. Too much is happening fast, which is why we assume that this is going to be the whole game. It is not quite like that.

While Far Cry 6 Review we have noticed of course, crazy inventions accompany us for most of the game, but the missions scattered on the main map and the faces of the three rebel factions that we are to unite are something much more interesting and subdued. This is one of the most interesting, and perhaps the most interesting story-related edition of the series.

Far Cry 6 Review

Each faction has a completely different motivation and plans to wage resistance against Castillo’s rule. It is impossible to confuse simple farmers, turned into partisans, with the veterans of the previous civil war, for whom fighting is daily bread. The third faction is made up of young people gathered around charismatic musicians of their generation to fight against government propaganda and more modern resistance. Such diversity also gives an interesting picture of the unification of minorities in the name of combating oppression.

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The place of the action deserves attention. The country stylized as Cuba mixes old cars and dirty, tropical streets with modern technology, often inaccessible to gray citizens. Yara is a very interesting region that is pleasant to explore both on foot, by car, and on horseback. When traveling through the jungle on the mount, you can get the impression that “it’s a Skyrim, only with a sniper rifle and grenades”, and it is a complete compliment. Yara is a pleasure to explore and it seems to be the most interesting map in a few good parts.

On Far Cry 6 Review We have also noticed the core gameplay, which is shooting and stealth, is not much different from previous games, so let’s take a look at what sets the sixth installment apart. The first and most important element – expanding equipment. Shoes, pants, vests, and helmets have advantages such as increased defense against a specific type of projectile, speed bonuses, noiseless walking, and the like, so we build a character for our style of play.

Far Cry 6 Review

It is similar to firearms, which we can develop, upgrade with different ammunition, silencers, scopes, collimators, and also special passive skills. The game, enriched with elements known from hybrid shooters and RPGs (such as Destiny), changes the approach to the game interestingly, making it much more extensive and encouraging to experiment.

The aforementioned Supremo is a great variety because it is also special attacks, such as a huge electric discharge, which turns off all alarms and vehicles, but also a mobile mortar kit that allows one person to deal with a helicopter – Rambo would be proud.

More on Far Cry 6 Review The second big novelty is the possibility of storing weapons and traversing the city “in plain clothes”. Thanks to this, we can escape the attention of the military to get much closer to the target and carefully plan the ambush. Before, most enemies would just shoot at our site, and now we can avoid unnecessary conflicts when we just want to look around.

The city stages are also a great change and something that most paints the image of the modern revolution as we traverse the rooftops to eliminate the criminal regime, and other rebels throw Molotov cocktails on the streets below.

Far Cry 6 Review

Of course, there were also classic enemies appearing out of nowhere in the series, or vehicles that are loading in front of us, or helicopters, which were not even heard, but are already shooting in the back. It always destroys the atmosphere of the game, although it does not pose much of a threat.

Artificial intelligence could be better and not catch the cheapest holds in the history of games, but it has more interesting paths of movement. The enemies can often take turns patrolling the entire designated area. A minor but noticeable improvement.

We hunt animals again, catch fish and take part in cockfights. The latter is made with a pinch of salt, and the whole setting looks like a classic fighting game, such as Tekken, but mechanically it’s a rather simple mini-game. We are not lovers of illegal animal fights and joking about it, so we spent more time getting animal companions and stroking them. Although one thing can be admitted: the rooster attacking a Yaran officer is a sight worth every dollar.

Far Cry 6 is quite a game. Many side activities and additional missions effectively take time and distract from the finale for many hours, and the ability to develop bases, equipment, and the resulting new bonuses will make us stuck on this island for a long time.

Far Cry 6 Review

The entire game can be completed in co-op mode – we were not able to check this element before the premiere. However, cooperation fans will be pleased with the set of additional missions that are quite original and fun. Their advantage is the lack of help markers, so we have to carefully explore the maps and look for targets.

Overall Far Cry 6 Review it is aging like wine. The seemingly carefree shooter changes during the game, offering not only a lot of interesting possibilities to perform tasks but also a captivating story, colorful characters, and an interesting finale. Strong impressions guaranteed.


  • Plot more interesting than in the previous parts
  • Our character has character after all
  • Inventory development system
  • A great Cuban atmosphere
  • Hiding in the crowd is an interesting novelty


  • Enemies appearing out of nowhere
  • AI still does stupid things

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