Football Manager 2022 Review

Football Manager 2022 Review

Football Manager 2022 Review: Successful evolution.

Football Manager 2022 Review: a bumpy road to excellence

Football Manager follows the path of another popular football simulator, prompting similar considerations every year: are the changes in the new version significant enough to explain the purchase, or is it better to stick to the previous part? In the case of the FM22, the answer is difficult: the most important innovations are successful, but not entirely new – they stem from the evolution of the series.

It sounds mysterious. We rush to explain: the match engine that simulates the actions of players on the pitch – by far the most important element of the game – has never been in better shape. It fares better than in the previous part, where it was also already quite good. What’s more, minor changes to the animation system translate into much nicer shows.

In the preview version, we have not yet received the final version of the match engine, but it is much better anyway: offensive actions at the goal are more varied, different kicks are a real threat, pressing is no longer like skating, and players can even cross from the end line.

Football Manager 2022 Review

On Football Manager 2022 Review, Perfection is still a bit lacking and it will not be a surprise that there is still some balancing ahead of the developers from SI Games. Crossing – in combination with improved header and corner kicks – are the main source of goals. Central defenders are often among the team’s top scorers.

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This is in part the result of how difficult it is to establish tactics to build the actions of the middle. No matter how we try, we usually end the offensive on the wing. The creators already admit that this is one of the things that will be improved for the premiere. This is very good news because – as mentioned – the match engine is the best in the series history even with these balance issues.

On Football Manager 2022 Review we have noticed that It is similar to animations and graphics. This is not a FIFA level, but Football Manager has its own rules: it has a complicated simulation layer to render and a community that mainly plays on laptops. After a few years of stagnation, however, we receive an important update to the luminaire.

Football Manager 2022 best Review

More on Football Manager 2022 Review, It is surprising how much can be changed by adding a few simple animations related to receiving the ball. The actions start to mesh better right away, the players no longer make weird turns in place, and the matches look much more dynamic and realistic. The game is starting to resemble what we imagined when the move to three dimensions was announced sometime in 2008.

The engine and animations, however, are the basic elements that can hardly be called new. In this area, the most important addition is the data center, i.e. the new tab – which confirms its great importance. We can find here a lot of information about the team’s activities, various statistics, and charts.

Probably the most dedicated fans and tacticians will enjoy the innovation. The rest will be looked at very rarely, especially since in search of other data – such as the number of goals scored from corners – we have to break through the standard league statistics. Why was it impossible to collect everything in one place?

We have also noticed on Football Manager 2022 Review; In practice, the data center is likely to meet a similar fate to other tabs of this type: medical center or team dynamics. We will look a few times during the season and when creating tactics, but this is not an element that will have a greater impact on the manager’s daily work.

For some fans, it will be more important than the developers are finally following the times and noticing the growing popularity of multiplayer games. Paradoxically, it is the expanded Draft mode – with a significantly increased pool of options and settings – that may be the most important novelty.

FM22 introduces one more “hidden” curiosity: the quality of players generated in a given country is no longer fixed. A solution known from mods was introduced to the game: successes on the world stage popularize football, which increases the quality of players. After all, you can turn Poland – or San Marino – into a football power.

Football Manager 2022 Review

We will notice the effects after many years, but the trial simulation suggests that the changes in the world may be significant (South Africa is the leader of the FIFA ranking), which will translate into even more interesting worlds in our saves. A great change.

Furthermore, on Football Manager 2022 Review; The most important advantage of Football Manager is not statistics or animations, but the fact that the beginning of each career creates our football universe, with successes, failures, and personalities that will be remembered sometimes for a lifetime.

Football Manager 2022 is even better in this respect. It remains an open question whether it is worth buying the latest version now. If we skipped the previous part, the title is worth recommending. However, if your career in FM21 is just gaining momentum, you don’t need to hurry.


  • The best match engine in the history of the series
  • Important changes in animations
  • Extensive Draft mode
  • Many other “hidden” changes


  • A data center will not be useful to everyone
  • Contacts with the media still only irritate
  • UI changes slow down the game

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