Farming Simulator 22 Review

Farming Simulator 22 Review

Farming Simulator 22 Review: It’s time to harvest. A strong proposition for new players and experienced fans of the series will feel at home – Farming Simulator 22 review.

Farming Simulator 22 Review: who is the rooster crowing for?

Farming Simulator 22 does not introduce radical changes. It develops a proven formula, offering a lot of improvements that make the gameplay more pleasant and diversified.

We start the game with a simple character creator and then choose one of three new maps: Elmcreek, modeled on the United States; Haut-Beyleron referring to France; and the alpine Erlengrat. We start our adventure with a few basic tools and buildings, a bit of cash, and fields ready for cultivation.

And, from that moment on, it is up to us what we will do next – and there is no shortage of activity here. We can farm or horticulture, raise animals or start mass cutting down nearby trees. We can also make use of what is new in the series of production chains. Thanks to them, we will process basic products into their more valuable versions – we use milk and eggs for baking, wool for the production of clothes.

Farming Simulator 22 Review

Once we get through the difficult beginnings, we have unexpectedly relaxing gameplay ahead of us, but also a lot of possibilities.

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New machines and tools have been added to the enormous pool of available agricultural machines and tools. We can now mulch the soil to make it even more fertile, as well as useful solutions to remove stones from the fields. The tools are known from previous editions also have additional models – also thanks to new equipment manufacturers, for example, McCormick. All the tools in the game are authentic machines of companies existing on the market.

Farming Simulator 22 Review

On Farming Simulator 22 Review We have noticed You can also see significant changes in the visual layer. The grounds look nice, especially during the changing seasons. All agricultural machines and tools, as usual, have been reproduced with great care. The buildings erected are also imported – although the structures in the city look a bit worse. The biggest reservation, however, can be related to the lighting, which differs significantly from the rest, there are also problems with shadows. On the other hand, there is no fault with the sound design – especially of heavy machinery -.

The building system has been reorganized and improved. The buildings are divided into several thematic groups – production, animals, and decorative elements. It is easier to find out about it all, and planning and putting the structure is much more convenient. However, the problem is the camera – we often do not know which side to place the building, especially in the case of larger structures.

The implementation of the driving model and the physics of moving objects leaves a lot to be desired. Vehicles are difficult to drive, especially when we attach longer and larger tools to them. Manipulating pallets with the use of lifts and forklifts is a nightmare – which, for example, makes greenhouses completely unprofitable, because they require a lot of work to load goods for sale.

It is a pity that the game interface has not been given sufficient attention. Now and then a lot of icons scroll through the screen – be it buildings on the map or various crops. However, with no legend available by default, you don’t know what is what. It needs a long period to get used to everything. There is also no option to disable the interface entirely – you can only remove its left part.

It’s no secret that many of the smaller novelties are simply officially implemented modifications from the previous part. While new players will have no problem with this, experienced farmers may feel that the main attractions – apart from the seasons and the production chain – are limited to improving the appearance and implementing a few new tools.

Also on Farming Simulator 22 Review we have noticed Another disadvantage is the artificial intelligence of the midfielders. They block on any obstacle, they can leave pieces of unworked field, they also have enormous problems with finding paths – which makes them able to spin aimlessly along the way. As we delegate a lot of tasks in the game, there is a lot of irritation and periodic looking at the hands of the helpers. Alternatively, we can do the most monotonous work ourselves.

Farming Simulator 22 Review

In the end of Farming Simulator 22 Review This game is a good representative of the cult series. The gameplay is not without flaws, but no other title offers such a huge amount of possibilities. When everything works as it should, we can expect some relaxing, fantastic gameplay.


  • A lot of possibilities and activities to choose from
  • Perfectly reproduced, authentic agricultural machines
  • Nice graphic design
  • Seasons affecting work in the fields
  • The possibility of creating the entire production chain – from the raw material to the product
  • Lots of smaller and bigger changes to the gameplay


  • Hostile to new players
  • Problematic interface
  • The midfielders’ poor artificial intelligence
  • Strange driving physics and annoying pickup system

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