Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Call of Duty Vanguard Review: A bit of heroism.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review: Inglourious Basterds

Call of Duty Vanguard throws us back into the vortex of the second-largest armed conflict, but treats historical values ​​rather loosely. It is a good thing for the presented story. The campaign, however, does not offer much, apart from an interesting storyline. As a result, we quickly switch to multiplayer mode.

The story is easiest to compare to Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, where a group of specialists only sets out on a special mission. The task is unsuccessful and all six are captured, and we – during the flashback interrogations – reveal the characters’ stories one by one.

The plot constructed in this way allows for constant rotation of the scenery, not allowing the player to get bored. Once we travel through the Japanese jungle, sometimes we are in the front line of the offensive in the trenches, we fight sky-high battles, and other times we crawl through the frosty fields of Russia to avoid sniper fire.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

While Call of Duty Vanguard Review The genes of the characters are interesting in themselves, and their outstanding training is illustrated by the abilities that we use during the game. Arthur with leadership qualities can order his squad to distract attention or use barrage fire when we quickly attack from the flank. Another character is a grenade specialist with the largest arsenal in this category, and Polina, a Russian recruited by British troops, is a sniper rifle who can climb like no one else and sneak like a cat.

Special abilities are kind of new, but nothing that will hold your attention for longer. Additional talents are only forced to emphasize that each member of the team is unique, which is strongly reflected in the character of Lucas – a pilot who in the field has the power to sense enemies through walls, which is completely out of touch with his main face.

On Call of Duty Vanguard Review we noticed The campaign is very linear and it makes no sense to try a different approach than the one proposed by the creators. It is supposed to be a cinematic experience, and each step is carefully staged. This makes some stages frustrating when, for example, we are forced to sneak, otherwise a sniper with superhuman abilities will kill us with one shot, or when we participate in chaotic air battles with strange controls. As a result, the story runs along a string from level to level, and the main motivation is the plot progression of the main plot, which is a pleasant cinematic action.

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Also on Call of Duty Vanguard Review, The intelligence of their opponents – or rather the lack of it – and quite a freedom-restricting mission may make the story itself insufficiently motivating for many, and will direct their attention to the multiplayer mode. Here, Call of Duty Vanguard seems more interesting.

The multiplayer game modes have not undergone major modifications, except for the competition in Patrol, which works on the principle of getting a point constantly moving across the map. Two teams are fighting to keep control of the moving zone as long as possible. A very successful, dynamic mode with a fast pace that does not allow you to stand still.

The heroes’ development system is based on unlocking specific perks and new equipment, of which we focus the most attention on modifiable firearms, and the change of statistics is strongly felt in the physics of weapons. Gunsmith enthusiasts may find this system very simplistic, but it’s still interesting for those spending more time playing multiplayer.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Fans of multiplayer clashes do not need to recommend this mode, and battles in World War II are always some interesting variety from modern battles. The maps in the multiplayer mode are quite diverse, and the most satisfying option is the possibility of partial destruction of the environment and shooting through wooden obstacles. Weapon physics is very enjoyable and nothing is more fun than hitting someone from the other end of the board in the head. Nevertheless, this is something that Call of Duty has already proven itself in and Warzone fans will rather treat Vanguard as a temporary stepping stone.

The pace of the multiplayer game is fast and this is a definite advantage of this part, but the new element between the matches are not exactly right for us. After the clash is over, we lose almost a minute, to sum up, the merits of the three distinguished team members and vote who is to get a discretionary bonus. After the first two summaries, it becomes just a boring obstacle, delaying jumping into the next game. A completely unnecessary addition.

Also on Call of Duty Vanguard Review we also noticed that The third game mode available in Vanguard is classic Zombie. Cooperative fighting off the waves of monsters has its supporters and they will surely enjoy the changes in the form of the starting area. There, the team can prepare before the game, modify statistics and equipment, and only from there open a portal (breach) for a specific mission. A small change, but it is fun.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

We will have to wait a little longer for a more in-depth assessment of this mode because at the moment only a part of what the Zombie will become in the future is available. It’s a kind of prologue, and the main mission and its elements are not to appear until later. Now it’s more of a promise of fun than something addictive for longer.

Overall on review of Call of Duty Vanguard gives the impression of a product released in a hurry. The linear and scripted campaign attracts with its plot, not gameplay. Gameplay, on the other hand, works well in quick multiplayer matches, but it is also nothing that the previous installments of the series did not offer. Zombie mode, on the other hand, is just a taste. The game may become more attractive when we get new content, but the premiere release is “just” decent.


  • Various locations in the campaign
  • Addictive storyline
  • Satisfying multiplayer
  • Nice setting


  • Campaign linearity can tire
  • Chaotic stages with air battles
  • Tedious stealth missions
  • Stripped down Zombie mode

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